How To Make A Car Trailer

Knowing how to make a car trailer is something many spendthrifts want to know. Car trailers are very expensive but they can save you a ton of money on moving expenses. The best trailers are multi-purpose trailers that can be adapted to haul everything from furniture to animals, but these tend to be quite pricey. Our trailer will be rudimentary and utilize parts from the junkyard.

Things you will need:

  • Damaged and discarded car trailer
  • Welding equipment
  • Spare tires and trailer hitch
  • Junkyard gate latches
  • Torch
  1. Purchase a junked car trailer from the junkyard. You can probably get one  next to nothing, especially if you choose one with a broken hitch.
  2. Clean the trailer. The trailer is guaranteed to be rancid and filthy. You should make sure no chemicals or animal fecal matter is inside. There is no need to bring that home from the junkyard.
  3. Replace the tires on the trailer. They are garbage. Put on the new ones.
  4. Torch the old hitch and its post. You don’t want any of it left. Make sure this area of the trailer is relatively flat when you're done. This is where you will weld on your new hitch.
  5. Seat and weld on the new car hitch. This will be very important for hauling. It must seat well and bond well. If your welding skills aren’t up to snuff, get help. The hitch must be strong, especially if you plan on pulling horses or live animals. Animals put a lot of stress on a hitch because they shift in position during your hauls. This can produce a bobbing effect as the trailer shifts which exerts a lot of stress on the hitch and rear end of your truck.
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