How To Make A Cardboard Cat Carrier

If you do not want to spend the money to buy your cat a fancy cat carrier, you may want to know how to make a cardboard cat carrier. These cat carriers are very cheap to make, and serve their purpose by allowing you to get kitty out of the house for the rare pet visit. However, if you want to take your cat to places often, you may want to opt for a durable carrier instead of a cardboard cat carrier.

What you will need to make a cardboard cat carrier:

  • A very durable cardboard box with very long top flaps
  • Scissors or a razor blade
  • Blankets or pillows (some sort of padding)
  • Heavy duty clips
  1. Find a rectangular cardboard box that is very sturdy. It should be big enough for your cat to fit in, but not so big that it will take up too much space in your home. Place your cat in the box and lift it to make sure that she is not too heavy for it, and that the box is not too big or small for a cardboard cat carrier.
  2. Once you think that you have the right box, make sure that the top flaps can touch with room to spare. These flaps will turn into the handle of the case, so they must be fairly long. Otherwise, you will have to fashion your own handle, which may not be as sturdy.
  3. Fold the top flaps so that they touch at a ninety degree angle. Make sure that the flaps are close enough to the sides of the box so that kitty cannot escape out through a gap in the cardboard cat carrier. Slice a hole through both flaps, toward the top, in order to create a handle. Since you will need to get your cat in and out of the carrier easily, you can use clips to secure the top flaps together after you have put her in. Otherwise, she may be able to escape through the top.
  4. Cut air holes all around the sides of the cardboard cat carrier. There should be enough air holes so that your cat has plenty of holes to peek out of and breathe through. However, do not go so overboard that she is able to claw her way out.
  5. Put blankets, pillows or other padding in the box. Even if the cardboard cat carrier is cheap, kitty should not have to be uncomfortable. Once you have done all this, put your cat in the box to make sure that you can carry her around easily, and that she will be comfortable enough in the cardboard cat carrier to last a ride in your car without meowing your ears off.
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