How To Make A Caribbean Kiss Cocktail

Wondering how to make a Caribbean Kiss cocktail? This cocktail contains a few more ingredients then most cocktails, but is still easy to make. This cocktail won the Trois Rivieres After Dinner Cocktail Competition Swedish Championship in 1994.

You will need:

  • Dark rum
  • Amaretto almond liqueur
  • Kahlua
  • Cream
  • Cinnamon
  • Brown sugar
  • Ice
  • Cocktail glass
  1. Ingredients You will need dark rum, Amaretto almond liqueur, Kahlua, cream, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Don't be thrown off by the amount of ingredients. It's a simple cocktail to make, just dressed up a little.
  2. Quantities To make one serving of a Caribbean Kiss cocktail, you will need three-fourths ounces of well-aged dark rum, one-fourth ounces of Amaretto, one-fourth ounces of Kahlua and three-fourths ounces cream. The cinnamon is used as a garnish and brown sugar is placed on the rim of the glass. You can vary on the quantities according to what you like, so don't worry about following this recipe to the letter.
  3. Glass The typical glass used in making a Caribbean Kiss cocktail is a regular cocktail glass or a martini glass, depending on who you ask. (Note: make sure to refrigerate your glass beforehand)
  4. Mix Take out your glass and dip the rim in Kahlua followed by the brown sugar until it’s well-coated. Mix the dark rum, Amaretto and Kahlua in a shaker with the cream and ice. Then strain into the glass and add the cinnamon as a garnish.
  5. Drink Guess what you’re supposed to do here. Enjoy!
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