How To Make Casino Party Invitations

There are numerous methods to follow when learning how to make casino party invitations. Basic gaming and gift wrap materials can be used to invite guests in an entertaining manner. Make casino party invitations that guests can use during the event.

To make casino party invitations, you will need:

  • Plastic party cups
  • Las Vegas photos
  • Atlantic City photos
  • Glue
  • Invisible tape
  • Jumbo playing cards
  • Computer
  • Multipurpose paper
  • Craft glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Poker chips
  1. Purchase one package of large plastic cups from a party or craft store. Buy additional packages if necessary to accommodate a large number of guests. Decorate each party cup with images of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Photos of these destinations can be found in magazines and online. Internet images can be printed from a home computer and then attached to the cups using glue or invisible tape. Purchase a jumbo sized deck of playing cards when learning how to make casino party invitations.
  2. Remove King, Jack, Queen and Ace cards from the deck. Measure the square in the middle of the king card to figure out how to make casino party invitations. Open a new document in a word processing program. Use the king card square measurements to create a similar sized shape in the computer document. Add a black border to the square and type an invitation greeting inside this section. Skip one line and type the date, time, location and RSVP or dress code instructions if this information is relevant to the party. Duplicate this square to accommodate the amount of casino party invitations needed for guests.
  3. Print all completed squares with party information from the computer. Cut out the squares and attach one to each playing card using glue. These cutouts should completely cover the center square design on the playing cards. Trace the edge of each square using blue, red or black craft glue and allow ten minutes to dry. Stuff colored tissue paper in the bottom of each party cup.
  4. Sit two numbered playing cards on top of the tissue paper in each cup. Place one card with party information in front of the numbered cards. Pour one dozen poker chips into every cup, on top of the tissue paper. These chips should help to keep the cards in place while helping to make casino party invitations with extra flair. While used as a decorative element of casino party invitations, the chips can serve additional purposes. Guests can use the chips as currency for casino party games or collect them to win door prizes.
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