How To Make A Cat Bed

You can learn how to make a cat bed out of many different materials that you already have around your home. Take note of how your cat sleeps, as many prefer to curl up in a ball or nest in small places that make them feel secure. These are the qualities you want to be sure to incorporate into a cat bed. Place the cat bed in an area where the cat likes to sleep already—often, this is a sunny corner of the home or a place where the cat can see out a window.

  1. Use a box. A cardboard box is a great simple cat bed. Choose a box that is open on top or a fully-enclosed box with all four sides. Cut a hole in the side for your cat to climb through. Line the box with an old blanket or soft towel.  If you have a multiple pets, your cat may love a fully-enclosed box as a private place to hide and sleep.
  2. Reuse a laundry basket. A small laundry basket is a perfect bed for many cats. Oftentimes, this is one of the places cats will establish as a bed long before their owner consents. A laundry basket is a good shape and size for nesting. Retire a laundry basket from use and add a blanket for nesting.
  3. Transform an old sweater. Stuffing an old sweater makes an easy cat bed. Start by stitching the bottom of the sweater shut. Stuff the body of the sweater and stitch shut the neckline. Stuff the arms of the sweater and stitch the wrists shut, then attach the arms to the body of the sweater to make them into the sides of the bed.
  4. A big pillow. The simplest cat bed of all is an old pillow. Choose a large, soft pillow that will conform to your cat's position. Cover with a soft pillowcase that can be put in the wash. It is a good idea to choose a pillowcase that zips or buttons shut, this will prevent your cat from climbing inside the pillowcase instead of sleeping on top. For many cats, a soft pillow on a wide windowsill in the ultimate bed.
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