How To Make A Cat Car Carrier

It's preferable to purchase a car carrier specifically for cats, but to save yourself some money, you can learn how to make a cat car carrier. Any material may be used as long as it will contain an angry cat with sharp claws and teeth but a cardboard box will work well for short trips.

To make a simple cat car carrier, you will need:

  • A strong box (emphasis on 'strong'). A box made for moving with a removable top will work fine in a pinch.
  • A large headed screwdriver
  • An old blanket for bedding
  • Duct tape for securely taping the top on the homemade cat car carrier


  1. Make air holes in the sides of the box for your kitty by punching through the cardboard with the screwdriver. Make six holes in two opposite sides to allow air to freely flow through the box. Do not make the holes too big though or you may find yourself fighting the business end of the cat as he tries to escape captivity. Add just two or three air holes in the top of the box.
  2. Prepare your cat for success while being in the cat car carrier by accustoming her to it before placing him inside. Since cats tend to like boxes, it shouldn't take too much effort to get the cat to accept being inside the opened box. If your cat likes catnip, rub the inside of the box with catnip so it's a nice place to be. Place her food and water in the box for a week prior to using it as a cat car carrier.
  3. When ready to load the cat in the car, place the cat in the box and quickly place on the box top. Make sure to secure the box top to the box bottom with duct tape. Your cat may not be happy at this point so make the trip a quick one!

Tips: An alternative to using a cardboard box is using two small laundry tubs, the top of one attached to the top of the other with twine. The laundry tub cat car carrier will last longer but, with additional holes, you're bound to get nailed by a sharp claw at some point. If you're planning on taking your kitty on a longer car ride, you're really better off with a professional made cat carrier. He, and you, will be more comfortable.

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