How To Make A Chalkboard Using Chalkboard Paint

Learn how to make a chalkboard using chalkboard paint and create a message board on almost any surface! Write on the walls? Sure, if you turn a wall into a chalkboard. It’s affordable at $14 per quart. It’s an easy project since it is applied just like regular paint and the whole thing can be done is less than an hour.

The chalkboard paint can be used on any paintable surface to make a chalkboard. Even an old cigar box can be made into a message center by the phone. Paint the lid with chalkboard paint and keep the chalk and eraser inside the box. Chalkboard paint can be found in the paint department at any home improvement store.

The supplies to do this project are: 

  • A 1/4” to 3/8” nap roller is recommended for application on walls and other large surfaces.
  • A paint tray will be necessary if using a roller.
  • For smaller surfaces a disposable sponge brush or a paintbrush will work.
  • Painter’s tape and a drop cloth to keep the area clean from stray paint.
  • Stir sticks from the paint department for stirring the paint. Get one stick for every coat of chalkboard paint. You may need several coats to get good coverage and the sticks are free.
  • Old clothes and an old pair of shoes to wear when painting.

How to Make a Chalkboard Using Chalkboard Paint in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Start with a clean, dry surface. It can be a wall, a box, an easel; anything that accepts regular paint will work. If the surface has a high gloss finish, sand it first to give the surface some “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. Wipe any dust from the surface with a damp cloth after sanding.
  2. Put the drop cloth over any surfaces to protect them from stray paint. Use the painter’s tape and tape off the edges to protect adjoining areas.
  3. Mix the paint completely. Shake the paint vigorously before opening. Open the can and stir with a paint stick very well, working sediments from the bottom and thoroughly mixing the paint. Chalkboard paint has a lot of sediment on the bottom of the can that must be mixed thoroughly. Pour the paint into the paint tray.
  4. Roll the paint roller in the tray. Roll enough to cover the roller well but not dripping with the paint. Apply evenly on the wall or surface. Do not overlap your strokes. The product will lose its effectiveness if overworked. Let dry completely and apply additional coats if needed.
  5. Let the chalkboard paint dry completely.

The chalkboard paint manufacturer recommends letting it cure for at least three days before using. Use regular chalkboard chalk and a chalkboard eraser on your new chalkboard and have fun. To maintain the chalkboard, wipe with a damp cloth. Mom always yelled if you wrote on the walls; now you can go crazy!


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