How To Make A Champagne Bubble Bath

What better way to dazzle your mate than to know how to make a champagne bubble bath. A champagne scented bubble bath is one of the most arousing of bubble bath scents and is sure to stir up romantic feelings in those enjoying this luxury. Preparing your champagne bubble bath is a fairly easy task. You simply need to purchase your ingredients, blend them well and set the mood. Enjoy your bath!

Things you will need:

  • Aromatic champagne oil
  • Amber essential oil
  • Honeysuckle essential oil
  • Emulsifying bleached soap flakes
  • Rose hydrasol
  • Soap base
  • Decorative bottle of choice
  • glass mixing bowl
  1. Purchase ingredients for your champagne bubble bath. You can purchase your main ingredient, aromatic champagne oil, at your local craft store or online. You will find that all your other ingredients are at your local craft store as well. If you purchase your items online, please be certain that it is a reliable site. Check the reviews for the products you are interested in purchasing. You will need to purchase champagne, amber and honeysuckle essential oils. Also, prepare to purchase soap flakes, hydrasol, soap base and a decorative bottle of your choice,
  2. Mix your ingredients. Mixing your essential oils is an important step when making your champagne bubble bath. You don't want to ruin your bubble bath by adding too much or not enough of something. Experimentation is the key in mixing. You have to find the scent and consistency that best suits you. However, a starter recipe for a romantic bath includes 40 drops of aromatic champagne oil, four drops of amber essential and two drops of honeysuckle essential oil.
  3. Add your other ingredients. Mix two cups of bleached soap flakes and two cups of rose hydrasol into a bottle of your choosing. Add a cup of warm water, then melt and pour the soap base to the bottle. Afterwards, add half of your oil mixture.
  4. Blend your bubble bath mixture. It is now time for you to place the cap on the bottle and shake vigorously for at least two minutes. Add the remaining oil mixture to a smaller bottle of dried oil spray. Place the cap on it and shake it in the same manner.
  5. Pour into warm water. Pour your desired amount of champagne bubble bath mixture into running, warm water for best results.
  6. Set the atmosphere. You may wish to add lit candles along the bath for a nice romantic touch. Playing soft music is also suggested for your champagne bubble bath experience.
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