How To Make A Cheap Moped

With gas prices soaring, learning how to make a cheap moped may be a great financial option for you. Making your own moped may seem like an impossible endeavor at first, but in truth it isn't as impossible as it may seem. If you know what kind of materials to purchase and how to put them together, then making a cheap moped could be a very cost-effective option for your next vehicle.

To make a cheap moped, you will need:

  • A sturdy used or new mountain bike with no disk brakes
  • A 600-watt scooter motor
  • A motor controller
  • Battery packs to match the motor wattage
  • A small welding machine
  • An electric throttle
  • A sixteen-inch sprocket chain
  • A small metal or hard shell box
  1. Prepare the mountain bike. If the mountain bike frame has a water bottle and disk brakes, you will need to remove both of these. Disk brakes are highly dangerous when utilized around a motor. Sparks may fly from the brakes to the motor and cause a harmful fire that will injure the driver and render the moped useless.
  2. Attach the motor to the mountain bike. There are several ways that you can attach the motor to make your cheap moped, but the best way is to weld the motor in place. It takes a few minutes to do this and will save you time in the long run. If you do not know how to use a welding machine, you can usually have someone do this step for you for a small fee. The motor will need to be placed in the same general area as the bottle rack.
  3. Switch out the chains. This step is fairly straightforward as all you are doing is removing the existing chain and placing the new sixteen-inch sprocket chain in its place. Attach the sprocket from the motor to the back wheel. You want it tight, but not too tight, so don't force it.
  4. Attach the controller. The ideal place on your cheap moped for the controller would be on the bar that connects the handlebars of the bike. This leaves the controller well within your safe reach during driving. You can mount the controller by welding it into place.
  5. Attach your battery compartment. Ideally you will have chosen a small metal box for this step, as it is easier to attach it to the back of the bike with a welder. If you have chosen a hard shell box, you will need to attach it in a safe and secure way to the back of your cheap moped. The area behind the seat is best. It's not in the way of any chains, controllers or body parts, so it won't cause a hazard while driving.
  6. Connect the wires. Your controller will have instructions on how to connect all of the wires. Since manufacturers differ, the instructions may differ as well. Be sure to read each step of the controller manual and connect the wires accordingly. In general this is pretty straightforward and should only require your time, patience and possibly wire cutters.
  7. Charge and go. Now all you need to do to finish making a cheap moped for yourself is let the batteries charge completely. Twelve to twenty-four hours is usually a good amount of time for a charge to build and take.

Remember that your cheap moped will only go around thirty miles per hour. You will also need to ensure that you have the proper operator's license and that your moped meets the local requirements for driving safety. In some states, mopeds are not street legal, so be sure to check local laws before building your cheap moped.

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