How To Make A Cheap Ping Pong Table

Learn how to make a cheap ping pong table and you'll enjoy hours of inexpensive fun. Many people like ping pong and it is a basic addition to the family entertainment room. Purchasing a premade ping pong table can be expensive but setting up a net on the dinner table may make your wife upset. Making your own will solve both problems.

To make a cheap ping pong table you will need:

  • MDF plywood (medium density fiberboard) size 5/8-inches by 5-by-9-feet
  • Painter 1-inch tape
  • Green paint
  • White paint
  • Six-inch high ping pong net with c-clamps
  • Old table
  1. Place the sheet of MDF plywood outside and paint one side white. Use only flat paint because the gloss paint prevents the ball from having a good bounce. Even though you are making a cheap ping pong table, you still want it to work good. Medium density fiberboard plywood is commonly called particle board because the inside resembles particles of sawdust between two thin layers of plywood..
  2. Place the painters tape all the way around the perimeter staying about half an inch away from the edges. This is important when you make a cheap ping pong table.
  3. Slice the painters tape to make it about 1/38-inch wide. Place this narrow piece of the painters tape down the center of the length of the cheap ping pong table. This is the line that establishes boundaries when playing in teams.
  4. Paint the white side of the MDF board with green flat paint. Allow the paint to dry and remove the tape. You will have your white lines revealed to make a cheap ping pong table.
  5. Place the MDF board on an old table. To make a really cheap ping pong table you may want to get an old table from a friend or second hand store.
  6. Place the net across the MDF sheets horizontal center. Use clamps to secure the net to the MDF board that is resting on the old table.

That's it! You've made a cheap ping pong table.

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