How To Make Chef Hat From Paper

With a few pieces of paper you can easily learn how to make chef hat for your next  interactive dinner party. Let the party start in the kitchen by enlisting guests as sous chef's. Then charm them Curtis Stone style as you all whip up an enticing meal before sharing the fruits of your labor tableside. Send guests home with their own chef hats as party favors. Now all you need to do is call up a few friend who don't mind doing dishes, and follow these simple instructions for making a paper chef hat.

To make a chef hat from paper, you will need:

  • 4 " wide white strip of construction paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Scotch tape


  1. Cut the four inch wide strip of construction paper long enough to fit your head with one inch extra to band the ends together
  2. Fold the tour inch strip up one inch lengthwise. The fold is the pocket for the tissue paper.
  3. Pleat a piece of tissue paper lengthwise by folding over the long edge in three places equal distance apart.
  4. Repeat step three until you ave enough pieces of tissue paper to cover the band of the chef hat.
  5. Tape the tissue paper on the hat band, inserting the taped pleated side into the hatband fold, with the tissue paper slightly overlapping.
  6. Tape the tissue paper together toward the top of the sheets.
  7. Bend the paper hatband into a circle keeping the taped side faced out.
  8. Gather the tissue paper at the top of the chef hat and twist it together gently, holding the top of the hat together
  9. Tape around the twist to keep it synched closed.
  10. Turn the hat inside out by carefully flipping the paper strip around and pulling the tissue paper through so the tape is on the inside.
  11. Shift the tissue paper that gaped open to fill the empty spaces.
  12. Tape the end of the hatbands together by tucking one end of the hatband into the other to complete your paper chef hat.

Tip: Instead of white use a favorite color tissue paper or multiple colors for a mardi gras effect.

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