How To Make A Chinese Crossword Puzzle

Regular crossword puzzles are great, but if you know how to make a Chinese crossword puzzle then you are in for hours of challenging fun. Crossword puzzles are one of the most beloved puzzle games, by using Chinese words you add a level of difficulty that will keep your brain pumping. Making a Chinese crossword puzzle will challenge your mind in new ways and enhance your mind. It is also a great thing to share with your friends. Create the Chinese crossword puzzles and pass them on to your crossword loving friends. Everyone will enjoy the challenge.

To make a Chinese crossword puzzle you will need:

  • 2 sheets of grid paper
  • Lined paper
  • Pencil
  • Chinese sentences and phrases; no more than 15 across and 15 down.
  1. Near the middle of the page write the answer to your first clue. In the upper left hand corner be sure to write the clue number that it matches. You can write the clue going down or across. This is your “rough draft”.
  2. Choose the clue you will intersect it with. Match up the common letter and write it intersecting the first clue.
  3. Continue this pattern until the puzzle is complete.
  4. Using the second sheet of grid paper, number the boxes accordingly, and shade in areas that will not have clues in them.

Important Tips:

  1. Be sure to use phrases or sentences, many Chinese words are only one character long and will not provide you with a quality crossword puzzle.
  2. Only choose words and sentences you know. This is not the right time to try out anything new.
  3. You should have some—even if it is small—knowledge of the language. If you are completely unfamiliar with the Chinese language your crossword puzzle will suffer.
  4. Know the basic grid sizes (the number of boxes your puzzle will have per column, across and down). They are: 15×15, 17×17, 19×19, 21×21 and 23×23. For a beginner puzzle start with 15×15.
  5. Make sure every answer is at least four characters long.
  6. Remember, you can not do the puzzle without the answers, therefore do not write the clues first, come up with your list of puzzle answers.
  7. In a crossword puzzle, every answer in the grid must be another letter that helps spell out another answer.
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