How To Make Christmas Decorations That Look Like Candy

Add some whimsy to your holidays and learn how to make Christmas decorations that look like candy.  These Christmas decorations are quick, fun and impressive.

To make Christmas decorations that look like candy, you will need:

  • cellophane in a variety of colors
  • thin wire or tape
  • scissors
  • pieces of cardboard or Styrofoam for your bases
  • dot glue or double stick tape
  • paint


  1. First, choose the shapes you want to use for your candy Christmas decorations. Small boxes make good bases, as do ovals, circles, cylinders or spheres. Anything that is candy shaped will do.
  2. If the base material is dark, or has writing on it, you will want to paint it white or another light color before proceeding to the next step. Spray paint or acrylic paint will work well.  If you are using clear cellophane or want to make a peppermint look, now is the time to paint the base. If you’d like, you can paint the wire you will use to secure the ends to match the cellophane. This helps disguise the wire and makes your decorations look more like candy.
  3. Next, roll out some of the colored cellophane and orient your piece on it.  Make sure the cellophane will wrap completely around the base. When you cut the cellophane, leave six to eight inches on the two sides you intend to twist.
  4. Secure the base to the cellophane in the center with dot glue or double stick tape.  It just needs to be secure enough that it doesn’t slip when you are twisting the ends. Wrap the cellophane completely around the base.  Twist one end at a time and secure with thin wire twist-tie style.  If you choose to use tape instead of wire to secure the ends, wrap the tape securely around the twist several times.

You can use these candy Christmas decorations anywhere you would use a wrapped gift decoration. Secure them on strings to make a giant garland or suspend on fishing line and hang from the ceiling!


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