How To Make Christmas Lights

Knowing how to make Christmas lights is an easy process, but using the historic decoration requires a few safety precautions. Christmas lights were made big by Thomas Edison with the invention of electricity. Prior to that time, people used candles as a form of illumination. Since the flames burned bright, the candles using metal in the formation of the candle holder were the most practical. You'll need a few basic items to make your own Christmas lights, including

  • Aluminum soda cans
  • Metal cutter
  • Small wax candles
  • Metal paint
  • Small paint brushes
  • Ruler
  • Magic markers in various colors
  • Metal glue
  • Hammer and large nail
  1. Cut the aluminum soda cans down the seam and lay flat on a cutting surface. This step requires care not to slice your fingers or injure your hands.
  2. Use the magic markers to draw a design for the lights. Think circular shapes and use lots of openings to let the light shine from the can. Use the ruler for geometric shapes or go free form.
  3. Cut the can with the metal cutter. Detail is not important. Go for the overall design. Make various sizes or standardize your design.
  4. Cut small metal platform circles, approximately one-fourth-inch in size, from other cans. No need to be exact in matching the circle shapes and sizes. 
  5. Make a semi-circle out of the designed metal cuttings. Bend the metal so the outsides show the design. Leave one side open on the Christmas lights to attach the platform for the candles.
  6. Place the metal platform in the center of the semi-circles. This will be the location for the wax candles to burn.
  7. Glue the platforms to the semi-circle metal shapes. Use the metal glue to attach the bases. Make sure the bases sit evenly inside the can. If the base is tilted, the candle may drop out from the holder. 
  8. Let the glue dry completely. 
  9. Insert holes in the Christmas lights for hanging. Use the hammer and large nail as a hole punch. Hold the nail over the metal and hit it with the hammer to create an opening big enough for a Christmas ornament hanger. If the hole isn't large enough, hit the opening a second or third time. 
  10. Decorate the Christmas lights. Making Christmas lights involves an element of creativity and this is the place to go crazy inventing your own Christmas decorations. Use the magic markers and paint to devise your own creations. 
  11. Insert the metal Christmas ornament hangers. Use the extra long hangers to hold the Christmas light firmly in place.
  12. Put the candles in place. Melt a bit of candle wax to provide a firm base for the candle. If you prefer, simply glue the candle to the metal Christmas light fixture. 
  13. Place the ornaments on the tree. Space the ornaments tastefully to add eye candy to your tree. 


  • Never allow lighted candles to burn without adult supervision.
  • Candles are not recommended for real trees due to the fire hazard. 
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