How To Make Cinco De Mayo Decorations

Learning how to make Cinco De Mayo decorations is informative and fun. It teaches people about an important historical and cultural event. Cinco De Mayo decorations are also nice to look at. Different supplies will be needed depending on what type of decoration is being made.

Mexican Papel Amate. A Mexican papel amate is a piece of paper bark art.

To make a Mexican papel amate, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • A brown paper grocery bag
  • water
  • iron
  • a wide tipped black mark
  • acrylic or craft paint
  1. Cut out a rectangle from the paper bag and wet it with water. Crinkle it up and squeeze out all of the water. Flatten the paper out and use the iron on a low setting to dry and smooth it. Take care not to burn the paper with the iron.
  2. Using the marker, make an outline of your design and then fill it in with the paint. Use a variety of colors to liven up the decoration! Cinco De Mayo is about vibrant colors.

Chili Pepper Garland. Chili pepper garlands are fun Cinco De Mayo decorations. They are easy to make and add color to a doorway or entrance.

To make a Chili Pepper Garland, you will need.

  • Raffia or Colorful Ribbons
  • Ribbons
  • Garden Shears
  • Chile Peppers
  • Twine
  • Twine
  • Paddle Wire
  1. Purchase as many chili peppers as you like, but be sure to buy enough for the Cinco De Mayo decoration to cover the span of the doorway.
  2. Use the wire to pierce the stem of the chili peppers to prepare them for hanging. Leave enough extra wire at each end to easily hang the decoration.
  3. Gather up some colorful leaves and foliage to place on the garland decoration. Be sure to create two bundles to cover each side of the chili pepper stems. Try not to cover the peppers themselves.
  4. Use the twine to create a bundle of foliage and place the wire with the chili peppers on top of that.
  5. Connect the three parts of the Cinco De Mayo decorations together using the wire and then hang the garland wherever you want. Be sure to leave enough wire to hang up the decoration.
  6. Decorate the garland with ribbons or raffia bows as you like.




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