How To Make A Cinco De Mayo Sombrero

Here are instructions for how to make a Cinco de Mayo sombrero. A Cinco de Mayo sombrero is a festive way to celebrate the Mexican holiday! It is fun and easy to make. Children will love making and wearing their very own Cinco de Mayo sombreros. They are great for parties or even pretend play.

In order to make a Cinco de Mayo sombrero, you will need:

  • Four sheets of newspaper
  • Two sheets of solid color gift wrap that measure the same as the newspaper
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Single hole puncher
  • Yarn or string
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  1. Form a pile. Place newspaper into a stack. Put a sheet of gift wrap on the top and bottom of the stack. Be sure the colored sides are facing up.
  2. Time to fit. Put the paper pile on the top of the person's head who will be wearing the Cinco de Mayo sombrero. Wrap masking tape around the crown at least three times.
  3. Trim to size. Using the scissors, trim the brim of the hat to form a circle. Roll the brim of the hat up using about an inch of paper all the way around. Apply masking tape to hold it.
  4. Punch holes. On the brim of the hat, on the masking tape, punch holes leaving about an inch between each hole.
  5. Add the accents. Wrap the ribbon around the crown and glue. Tie one end of the yarn or string into a knot. Slip the free end through a hole beginning in the back of the hat. Thread through each hole on the brim of the hat.

You can also skip the wrapping paper and opt to paint your Cinco de Mayo sombrero instead. You will need to apply two coats of paint in order to cover the newspaper print.

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