How To Make Climbing Rope Knots

Learning to make climbing rope knots is really simple. Making climbing rope knots is nothing more than a simple manipulation of a good climbing rope. You can't use just any rope and hope that your climbing knots will hold however. No, you need the real deal. You need one of those thicker ropes made specifically for climbing in order to make decent rope knots in them. You know the ones that look like three smaller ropes intertwined. Yeah, these are the types of ropes you need. The really sturdy kind hold the best knots for climbing. Well, it's time to get started. You've got a mountain to climb or some other incline. Here's how to tie some solid climbing rope knots.

  1. The rope. It can't be emphasized it enough. The quality of the rope makes a huge difference in its ability to hold good climbing knots. Thicker, more well constructed ropes make for tighter, bigger climbing knots. The bigger the climbing rope knot, the better grip you will have when using said knots to scale a mountain, or a wall, or whatever it may be that you want to climb. Be warned, you don't want to use a rope that's too thick because you won't be doing much climbing on it. If you can't get close your hand around the rope then it's too thick. After you've figured out which rope to use, you can tie some good climbing knots into it.
  2. Time to Tie the rope. The technique involved is really simple. As you know, to make a knot in a rope you basically take one end of the rope, wrap it over the body of the rope to create a loop. Now to knot it, all you do is pull the end through the loop until it tightens. When you're making climbing rope knots however, you need to learn to determine where you want the knot to appear in the rope. It's customary for the climbing knots in a rope to be equally distant from each other. In other words, if one knot is twelve inches away from the second knot, the second knot should also be twelve inches from the third and so on. The way you manipulate your knots is simple. When you wrap your rope end around and form the loop, pull the end through but don't tighten it. Take the criss-crossed portion of the rope that's forming the loop and simply slide them down the length of the rope until you reach the designated spot for a knot. You do this by pulling back on one end and sliding the other half of the criss-crossed loop in the direction you want to place the knot. Play with it and you'll see.
  3. More knots. Once you get the knot to it's designated place, go ahead and tighten it. When you add more knots you're going to have to pull your previous knots through your current loop. Make sure you leave enough space to get the knots through. Tighten the next knot where you see fit. It's very simple once you play around with your rope for a second. Give it a try. You'll be tying good climbing rope knots in no time. Just remember to tighten the knots well once you get them to their designated spots.  
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