How To Make A Climbing Rope Ladder

Learning how to make a climbing rope ladder can add to your exercise regiment. Climbing rope ladders are not difficult to make and can be customized to the height that suits your fitness needs. The most popular climbing rope ladder is the Bachar ladder. The Bachar is the focus of this guide. With the proper materials, time, and a location for the ladder you can begin the project.

To make a Bachar climbing rope ladder you will need:

  • PVC pipe cut into 16 inch long sections.

  • Measuring Tape

  • Rope

  • Saw

  • Drill

  • Drill bit to equal the thickness of the rope.


  1. Prepare the steps for the climbing rope ladder. Choose a drill bit that is equal to or slightly larger than the thickness of your rope. Drill two holes in the PVC pipe. The holes should be located on either side at a one inch length from the ends of the pipe. Drill all the way through the PVC pipe on both sides.

  2. Prepare the rope. You will need to use the measuring tape to measure out the length of rope for your ladder. You will use two pieces of rope measuring the same length. When measuring the rope be sure to account for the knot. Find the middle of each length of rope and tie an overhead knot at the middle point on both pieces.

  3. Begin construction of the Bachar climbing rope ladder. Slide a piece of your rope length through one of the previously cut holes in a PVC section. Tie a knot above and below the hole making sure to keep the knot as close to the pipe section as possible for a secure fit. Repeat this with the other piece of rope on the opposite side of the pipe.

  4. Continue the construction of the Bachar climbing rope ladder. Continue repeating step three with each section of PVC pipe to create as many rungs as required for the ladder length you desire. If you will be climbing outdoors your ladder will be considerably longer, of course, than if you are climbing indoors. Remember to keep the knot work tight for security.

  5. Finish the Bachar climbing rope ladder. In order to finish off the ladder you will need to tie a figure eight knot at either end of the ladder construction. Chockstone lists several rock climbing knots, including the figure eight knot, and how to create them. When you have completed tying the knot at either end the roll up your ladder to use on your next rock climbing adventure.

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