How To Make A Clip-On Tie

Learning how to make a clip-on tie at home can help reduce the time it takes to get ready in the morning. There are a few ways to make a clip on tie at home, the easiest is using clothing snaps. It is possible to make a clip-on tie similar to the ones that are sold at the store. But, those types of clips are harder to find and it runs a greater chance of becoming undone if not bound correctly.

What you need to make a clip-on tie:

  • A regular tie
  • Scissors
  • A sewing needle
  • A small spool of thread, it helps if the thread is close to the main color of the tie.
  • One or two sets of clothing snaps, a set is one complete snap with both sides.
  • Clear drying, strong glue, superglue works well (optional)
  • Adhesive hem tape (optional)
  • Iron (only needed if using hem tape)
  1. Begin by putting the tie on as you normally would and tying it. Learning a more complicated knot would work well, since you will only need to tie it once.
  2. Pull the tie leaving between one and two inches of slack.
  3. Cut the tie directly in the middle in the back. Cutting it too far to one side or the other can cause it to become unbalanced when it is done.
  4. Glue or sew the knot in place. Make sure that the glue or stitches will not show from the front or sides.
  5. Hem the edges that were cut. This reduces the chance of the end of your clip-on tie from becoming frayed and bulky. It is clearly marked at sewing stores or the fabric department of stores like Wal-Mart. Adhesive hem tape simply needs cut and placed on the ends of the tie and ironed according to directions.
  6. Sew the clothing snaps onto the cut ends of the tie. Put them in as close to the same positions so that the tie lines up well in the back. Loosely sew them on and check that the clip-on tie will be aligned correctly.
  7. Put the clip-on tie around your neck and make sure that it looks good. Make any last minute adjustments that are necessary.
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