How To Make Cloth Shopping Bags

Need to know how to make cloth shopping bags? We are all in favor of going green and saving the Earth these days. Everyone is aware of how wasteful using tons of plastic bags to carry your groceries is. In order to do your part to help, start using cloth shopping bags! You can even make your own bags with your own personal flair! And it is easy to do! All you need is an old shirt and some thread. In minutes, you will have an amazing cloth shopping bag to use over and over again. The environment will thank you!

To make your own cloth shopping bags, you will need:

  • A T-shirt (you don't want a shirt that is too big. A medium-sized woman's shirt works best. You can also try a large kid's shirt or a small man's shirt)
  • A needle and thread (or you can use a sewing machine)
  1. Prepare the shirt. You can buy a cheap shirt to make into a cloth shopping bag or use one you no longer wear. You are going to turn the shirt you select inside out.
  2. Sew the shirt. Sew along the entire bottom of the shirt. You want to make sure it is sewn completely closed. Use an extra line of stitching to ensure durability.
  3. Begin cutting. Use a pair of very sharp scissors to cut the arms off the shirt. Cut a large scoop at the neck. Make sure it is wide since this is the opening you will place groceries in.
  4. Reinforce the handles. Your cloth shopping bag is going to be held by the holes in the arms. These are now the handles. Since the bag may be holding a lot of weight, you are going to want to put a stitch along the sleeves to reinforce them.
  5. Time to decorate! Now you can add paint, buttons or other embellishments. Be as creative as you would like. You can even dye or have a logo or image screen printed on the cloth shopping bag.
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