How To Make Company Of Heroes Run Faster

Being a fan of the game is no use when you don't know how to make Company of Heroes run faster. Developed by Relic Entertainment, Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy (RTS) game for PC that takes place during the Battle of Normandy in World War II. In Company of Heroes, you play as the commanding officer of two different companies as the Allies fight for control of France. Read on to learn how to make Company of Heroes run faster on your Microsoft Windows platform so as to enjoy its glorious splendor.

  1. Lower the color resolution. While it may not be your first option and can make some aspects of Company of Heroes less impressive, lowering the resolution is an effective way to minimize the RAM needed to run the game. Company of Heroes is a pretty impressive display of graphics (at least for 2006 standards), but it's useless if you can't play it. Take the colors down a notch from 32 bit to 16 bit.
  2. End any background applications. You may not know it, but lots of background processes could be zapping your precious memory away. Press Control + Alt + Delete, then click on "Processes" to see a list of any applications that are using your computer's CPU. Don't end any processes unless you are sure they are expendable. For example, AIM, Skype, and Internet Explorer should all be ended if at all possible.
  3. Turn it down! All graphics and sound options (via the CoH menu) should be turned down or off completely. You may not like blowing up Nazis without any sound, but its one of the surefire ways to make Company of Heroes run faster.
  4. Change computers. Well, let's face it, not all computers are AlienWare. For example, if you've only got one or two gigs of memory, maybe your laptop isn't designed to handle the intense gameplay, detailed graphics, and resource-heavy processes that Company of Heroes utilizes. Desktops usually have more RAM, but that's not a steadfast rule. You can always buy a stick of memory at your local computer hardware shop.

When it comes down to figuring out how to make Company of Heroes run faster on PC, the problem is rarely the game. More often than not, a laptop/desktop not specifically designed for gaming performance will create a problem for PC games. Company of Heroes, if it cannot be sped up via the above methods, should be played on a different computer.

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