How To Make Concord Grape Wine Kosher

Have you wondered how to make concord grape wine kosher? This "fruit of the vine" is important to the Jewish people especially at the Passover seder, weddings, the Sabbath, and other occasions. It is therefore interesting to learn all that goes into making sure that the wine is properly prepared in a strictly kosher way.
  1. The concord grape is "slip-skinned", which means that the skin can be easily separated from the fruit. This type of grape is highly aromatic and is also used in grape juice, jelly, soft drinks that are grape flavored, and in other items such as candy. 
  2. Grapes are picked very carefully and moved to a special winery where only Jews are allowed to take part in the different stages. An observant Jew must be in attendance to supervise every phase of the activation, operation, fermentation, standardization, and taking of samples for quality control. 
  3. A kosher certification can be obtained from an organization that employs rabbis to make sure the kosher requirements are met.
  4. The grapes are crushed (or pressed) and destemmed. 
  5. Fermentation vats allow the natural process that changes the juice into wine using the natural yeast in the grapes.
  6. For white wine all grape skins must be removed.  For red wine the skins stay in the vats longer for the purple color to be absorbed. 
  7. Some wineries pasteurize the wine in the early stage, some when the wine starts to bubble before it is quickly heated to 180 degrees F before being rapidly cooled down., and some after fermentation. Often kosher wine enzymes are added to continue artificial fermentation. 
  8. Production is customized for that wine's fragrance, aroma and desired taste. 
  9. The wine is then aged  in storage casks with the casks being changed to eliminate settled solids and sediments. 
  10. After the wine is matured, it  is filtered and bottled.  

Although it is a tedious and difficult process, how to make concord grape wine kosher is extremely important to religious Jews. 



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