How To Make Cookie Scented Candles

If you've ever walked into a house full of the scent of fresh-baked cookies, and wanted to recapture that smell, you might want to know how to make cookie scented candles.  It's all the aroma, without the calories! However, you may find these candles so mouthwatering that you bake some cookies anyway! 

  • Double-boiler or  microwave
  • Olive oil
  • Paper towel
  • Wicks and metal wick holders.
  • Paraffin or soy wax
  • Candle molds or glass containers (You don't have to run and buy molds, just look around the house. Pudding containers and t.p. tubes will do!)
  • Toothpicks or chopsticks, or dowel
  • "Countertop protector" –old baking sheet, sturdy piece of cardboard,  wood, waxed paper, etc
  • Cookie scented fragrance oil
  • Wooden spoon
  1. Choose your scent. First you will need to decide what cookie scent you want to make. There are plenty to choose from. CandleScience has a chocolate chip cookie scent that works well with either paraffin or soy wax. Nature's Garden offers a snickerdoodle scent. If you want a basic sugar cookie Aroma Haven and Rustic Escentuals has several to choose from. These are all online sources though, and local crafting stores (or even Wal-Mart) may have what you're looking for.
  2. Gather your supplies. Once you've picked your cookie scent, you will need to gather your "ingredients". You will find some of these things around the house. The others you can find at a hobby store, Wal-mart, or on-line.  If you are making container candles, soy wax is a good alternative, and can be melted in the microwave.  You will need to make sure your fragrance works with soy wax as well.
  3. Set up your molds.   Set up the molds on your "countertop protector". If you will be removing the candles from the molds, you should wipe some olive oil on the inside with a paper towel. Wrap one end of your wick around the center of  a toothpick, chopstick or dowel. (You will need to choose something long enough to lay across the top of your mold so your wick doesn't fall in. Cut the other end of the wick a bit longer than the depth of your mold.  Attach a metal wick holder to the other end of the wick. Center your wick in your mold.      
  4. Melt your wax. If you are using a double boiler, add several inches of water to the lower  Add one pound (some sources just say "a few chunks" ) of wax to the top pot and warm over medium heat to about 150-160 degrees.  Stir occasionally with the wooden spoon.  Using a double boiler is the most recommended way to melt wax, but if you choose to microwave, melt the wax in a microwave safe container and still every 30 seconds or so till pourable.  When your wax is melted add the scent per the manufacturers directions. Some scents are stronger than others!
  5. Make your candles. Slowly pour the wax into the molds. Allow the candles to harden in the molds for at least 24 hours before removing from the molds. As the candle sets up a dip may appear in the middle. You can refill the dip with a bit more wax. You should let the cookie scented candles set  for a week before lighting.

There are variations on this method, but it you follow these instructions you should have a house filled with the delicious scent of cookies in no time!  And cookie scented candles make an inexpensive and thoughtful gift for any time of the year.

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