How To Make Cool Halo 3 Emblems

If you’re jealous of all the cool emblems players have in Matchmaking on Halo 3, you might be interested in knowing how to make cool Halo 3 emblems yourself. Halo 3 emblems speak for who you are as a player, and it’s a bonus if your emblem is clever and charming. If you’re ready to start make cool Halo 3 emblems, check out the guide below to make some of the cleverest emblems that players use.

  1. The skull emblem is a popular choice amongst players in Halo 3. Of course, you can use the included emblems that Bungie provides Halo 3 players, or you can build your own emblem! To make a cool skull, set your primary and secondary emblem colors to white (as well as your secondary armor color). Make sure the toggle is turned to on, and set your emblem to the number eight. Lastly, set the background to the dream catcher. If you want to make cool Halo 3 emblems, try this cool combination out first!
  2. If you want to get festive with your Halo 3 emblems, make a Christmas tree for the holidays! The Christmas tree emblem is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer to other players just before you own them in social slayer! To make a Christmas tree, change your primary and secondary emblem colors to green, and make your secondary armor color green as well. Make sure the toggle is switched to off, and set the emblem to the triad. Next, set the background for the emblem to “Sharp Diamond 2.” If you’ve done this correctly, you should have a cool Christmas tree emblem!
  3. Make a tiger using weird Halo 3 emblems! If you want to make a cool tiger to show off to your friends, start of by setting your colors accordingly. Set your primary emblem color to “steel” and set your secondary emblem color to orange. Be sure to also set your secondary armor color to orange. Set the toggle to off and set the primary emblem to “Black Widow.” Lastly, set the background of the emblem to “Four Plots” and you’ll have a tiger. 



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