How To Make Cool Miis On The Wii

Learning how to make cool Miis on the Wii shows creativity and artwork all in itself. You might want to create one that stands out from other regular Mii character; animals, a famous cartoon character or celebrity. You need time and patience to make one so follow these steps on ways to make a cool Mii of your own.

To make cool Miis on the Wii, you will need:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Wii remote controller
  • Your imagination
  • Internet
  1. Practice. To make cool Miis on the Wii, understand it does not happen overnight. Like any type of art, you must learn from trial and error to make a cool Mii. Just play around with the Mii character until you get the desired look.
  2. Watch videos online. Learn from different online videos and get basic step by step instructions on perfecting a cool Mii. It's OK to copy some of the work from different artists so you can figure out how to select the right type of facial structure, nose, eyes and mouth that is distinctive. Some videos are very helpful and easy to create a cool Mii character.
  3. Find pictures online. If you want to start from scratch, find a photo online to create a cool Mii. It can be a celebrity or a famous cartoon character to get an idea how to put a MIi character together. Once you find good examples and keep practicing creating different famous Miis, then use your imagination to make an original one. Examples can be a pet, a cowboy, anything that pops in your mind that is interesting. With the Wii, creating a Mii character is unlimited.
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