How To Make A Copper Cuff Bracelet

Learn about how to make a copper cuff bracelet so you can make a beautiful fashion accessory. Copper is a nice alternative to silver and gold. Copper pieces look good with a more casual clothing or can be dressed up to look striking on its own. A copper cuff bracelet can be simple copper with no embellishment. It's also possible to make a copper cuff bracelet that is hammered or stamped for a unique look.


  • Sheet copper
  • Jeweler's tools:  saw, file
  • Black marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Form
  • Hammer, optional
  • Stamps, optional
  • Cloth
  1. Measure your wrist. Use a cloth sewer's measuring tape to measure your wrist or if you're making the copper cuff bracelet for someone else, measure their wrist.
  2. Mark the copper. Measure the copper sheet metal with the size needed to make the copper cuff bracelet. Decide how wide the cuff will be and draw a rectangle on the copper sheet. Make the edges curved.
  3. Cut out the cuff. Use a jeweler's saw and cut out the cuff from the copper sheet metal.
  4. File the edges. Use a jeweler's saw to file the rough edges of the copper cuff. Be sure to get all of the burrs and edges smooth for wearing.
  5. Embellish the copper cuff. If desired, this is the point where you can embellish the copper cuff bracelet, while it is still flat. Use a hammer to create a hammered cuff or use stamps to write a name or message on the cuff.
  6. Use a form to shape the cuff. Use a soup can or other firm object to act as a form. Place the copper sheet around the can and make the large bends. Form the cuff around your wrist or the person who will be wearing it to form the cuff to the right size.
  7. Polish the copper cuff. Use a soft cloth to wipe the cuff to bring out the copper shine.
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