How To Make Corn Liquor

Knowing how to make corn liquor is a time-honored American tradition. Keep in mind that is illegal for most citizens to distill their own liquor, so make sure that you are permitted to do so before beginning.


  • 4 bushels corn ground into meal
  • 10 gallons water
  • 3 pounds malt
  • Yeast
  • 1/2 bushel barley
  • 2 gallons hops
  1. Mix ingredients in a large stainless steel tub. Let sit for a week. When it is done fermenting it will stop bubbling. Cover the tub during this process. This is called the mash.
  2. Load the mash into your copper still and crank it up. Discard the first cup or so of fluid that comes out, as this has the most volatile compounds in it. As long as the fluid that is coming out of the still is clear, then you are producing 110 proof liquor.
  3. Once the liquid starts to turn grey, stop the process. This is lesser quality alcohol. What you are left with is called slop. You can now add sugar, water and more yeast to the slop and start the process all over again. Only do this 8 times. After that you are not manufacturing a quality product.


Always monitor your still. Vaporized alcohol is hot and flammable. Things can get backed up and it is not uncommon for a still to explode. If you think that something is wrong, turn off the still and wait for it to cool down. Do not use a still that has an open flame.


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