How To Make Corn Whiskey

Corn whiskey is a popular drink that has been around for hundreds of years so you might want to know how to make corn whiskey. While whiskey can be made from a variety of products, corn whiskey is composed of at least 80% corn. Unlike other types of whiskey which need to be aged for several years, this whiskey tastes great after only six months of aging. This article will allow you to learn about how to make corn whiskey with relative ease.

  1.  Allow the corn to malt (which means to partially sprout).  This can be done by laying the corn on a flat surface where it is exposed to partial sunlight, and apply a light sprinkling of water a few times a week. The corn will begin to malt within two weeks. Use a flat rock to partially mash the corn. This process heats up the corn, releasing enzymes which will aid in the transformation of the malt from a starch to a sugar. The corn should not be completely smooth-rather, it should be "chunky." Add a small amount of yeast to the mashed corn in a ratio of approximately 10 parts corn to 1 part yeast, mix thoroughly, and let sit for two to three weeks.
  2. Purchase a distillery. While this can sometimes be found in home improvement or specialty cooking stores, you will most likely have to purchase it online. Set the distillery up according to the instructions, and place the mashed corn inside. Once the corn has gone through a complete cycle in the distillery, collect it and distill it for a second time. This will produce a whiskey that is smooth and pure. 
  3. For the best flavored whiskey, store it in oak casks for a few years. However, as stated earlier, corn whiskey can be consumed in as few as six months.  Serve the whiskey room temperature or chilled, and enjoy!
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