How To Make Cranberry Infused Vodka

With the holidays nigh upon us, it may be wise to understand how to make cranberry infused vodka. This versatile libation works with many mixers and is delicious enough to drink on its own. If you are cheap, creative or creatively cheap, it makes a wonderful gift. Plus the healing power of cranberries makes it a slightly healthy concoction as well. There are two methods to make cranberry infused vodka. One version creates a more tart vodka that has truly unique flavor while the other method makes a sweeter vodka.

To make cranberry infused vodka you will need:

  • 750 ml vodka – choose a decent vodka
  • One pound of fresh, organic cranberries
  • Strainer
  • One cup of sugar – organic cane sugar if possible but regular works too
  • Sterile container – or several sterile bottles if you plan on giving them away
  1. Method one. This is the easiest way to make cranberry infused vodka. Wash your cranberries and place them in a sterile container. Add the vodka, seal the container and store it for three months. Strain the cranberries out and serve.
  2. Method two. This method on how to make cranberry infused vodka has a little more preparation involved but is ready much faster. Wash the cranberries, put them in a pan and add the sugar. Simmer this until the sugar forms a syrup but take it off before the cranberries start bursting. Pour this mixture into your sterilized bottle and add the vodka. Store for between two weeks and a month. Whether you strain the cranberries out is up to you. Since they are cooked, you can leave them in the vodka for decoration.


Cranberries are harvested from September to December in the USA.

People add all sorts of flavors to infusions. Vanilla, cinnamon and orange and lemon peels go well with cranberry vodka infusions.

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