How To Make Crazy Basketball Trick Shots

Learning how to make crazy basketball trick shots may not be as difficult as one might think. When watching viral videos or news clips of crazy, wild or almost unbelievable hoop tricks, we tend to believe that those performing the task are incredible athletes or impossibly lucky. However, the truth is much different. As in many other sports, there is a science going on, unseen by the observer. Even people with low athletic ability but mathematical knowledge can create these tricks and perform to a degree.

  1. Get out the geometry book. Before you can learn how to make crazy basketball trick shots, you will need to brush up on your geometry. Remember sitting in class wondering "Why do I need this stuff?" Well, here is your answer. The art of making baskets is a geometry based science. If you failed geometry in school, or simply never understood the concepts, you may wish to have a more mathematically inclined friend assist you in brushing up on a few concepts.
  2. Analyze the shot. Figuring out how to make crazy basketball trick shots, includes taking a long look at exactly what is happening during the shot. Look at the factors of distance, height and position of the person shooting.
  3. Make a diagram. Once you have analyzed the shot, the next part of how to make crazy basketball trick shots is to recreate the shot on paper. Draw it to scale.
  4. Figure out the arc and trajectory of the shot. Here is where the serious math skills come into play. When figuring out how to make crazy basketball trick shots, the arc and trajectory of the ball is key. Apply the position of the shooter and the point of the hoop into the equations. Figure backspin of the ball off the backboard into the equation as a variable.
  5. Make it work. This is the stage where having a few hoop skills may help in figuring out how to make crazy basketball trick shots. Get onto an actual court or recreate the scene as close as possible. Use a measuring tape to gauge the figured arc height and practice shooting the ball to that measurement. Be sure to stand in the spot figured by the trajectory measurement. Practice shooting, with the ball coming off the end of the finger for the added backspin.
  6. Practice. The final stage of knowing how to make crazy basketball trick shots is pure practice. Even with the science in place, there are variable factors that will effect the shot.

Performing the "Triple Hit"

The Off the side wall, bounce on the floor and then off the back board shot can be calculated this way:

  1. Calculate the needed arc from the back board to the bounce spot on the floor. This spot should be half way between the side wall spot and the back board. Mark the bounce spot with an 'X" for practice purposes.
  2. Calculate the arc between the bounce point and the side wall spot.
  3. Measure the distance between the player position and the wall spot. This is the initial trajectory. Mark the spot on the wall with an "X"
  4. Figure the angle needed to apply the trajectory to making the ball hit the spot. This is figured using the formula for finding angles of triangles. Keep that geometry book handy.
  5. Break the process down by practicing the trajectory. Throw the ball in a manner to make it bounce off and onto the bounce spot.
  6. Put it all together. With your calculated arcs, increase the force behind the proper trajectory to cause the floor bounce to arc to the needed height for the backboard.
  7. Be patient. Even with the proper science applied, the human factor makes practice, and often a lot of it, necessary.
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