How To Make A Crouching Tiger Shot

If you are looking for a classic shot which has been around for years of partying and good times, you need to learn how to make a Crouching Tiger Shot. This shot is so delicious, all the ladies are sure to be loving you, because you are not making them take those too strong shots. This Crouching Tiger Shot is sure to keep you entertained with all the prettiest ladies tonight, and it is simple to make. The Crouching Tiger Shot has a great exotic flavor, which gives the perfect combination to have everyone slamming them down for the night.

What You Will Need To Make The Perfect Crouching Tiger Shot

  • 1/2 oz of Patron Silver (or any other kind of blue agave silver tequila)
  • 1/2 oz of lychee liquor

How To Make The Perfect Crouching Tiger Shot

  1. First, you need to make yourself the star of the show, and describe to the ladies how great it will taste instead of them taking a strong shot. Add a caring factor in there, so they think you are being considerate of their taste buds.
  2. Make sure your liquors have been sitting in the freezer for hours. Mix them evenly into a shot glass. Smile at the prettiest lady's attention you have captivated, and encourage her to try this amazing drink.
  3. After she takes it and realizes how great it is, all the ladies she is with will follow right behind her.

Just know with this simple and smooth shot, not only will the ladies be twisted by the end of the night, but you are sure to get lucky.

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