How To Make A Cum In A Hot Tub Cocktail

Get nasty and learn how to make a cum in a hot tub cocktail. Thankfully a cum in the hot tub cocktail tastes way better than it sounds. A cum in a hot tub cocktail can be served as sipping cocktail, but it works much better as a shot because it is one of the few cocktails that you don't have mix; actually you don't want to mix a cum in a hot tub cocktail at all. Its the different consistencies of the booze needed to make a cum in a hot tub cocktail that give it the wet, slimy look that gives the drink its name. So when you're mixing your cum in a hot tub cocktail, pour each layer slowly, so that they mix a little on their own and give you the right creamy, frothy look.  When all is said and done, a cum in a hot tub cocktail is something that is as fun to drink as it is to order.

Things you will need to make a cum in a hot tub cocktail:

  • Rum
  • Vodka
  • Irish cream
  • Drinking Glass or Shooter Glass
  1. Pour 2 oz. of vodka into a glass. Because vodka has the lightest consistency of the things that make up a cum in a hot tub cocktail it goes first. It's also the water in your hot tub.
  2. Add 1 oz of rum. Because the rum is a little heavier than the vodka, it will mix well and keep the Irish cream in your cum in a hot tub cocktail afloat. 
  3. Put two to five drops of Irish cream into your cocktail. It gives your cum in a hot tub cocktail its sweetness and the look of, well, cum. 



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