How To Make A Custom Bass Drum Head

Need to know how to make a custom bass head? When you're playing live with your band, nothing gets your name out there like a slick custom bass drum head. But, if you haven't been in the rock star business for too long, you may be wondering how the pros go about getting their logo emblazoned on the ever iconic kick drum. Here's a few tips you can use to get your name and logo out and onto a custom bass drum head.

  1. Use a permanent marker. If you're the artistic type, nothing says DIY rock n' roll magic quite like the marker custom bass drum design. Using a permanent marker has two advantages. First, it gives you a chance to display your fine art skills while also impressing the audience with your aural drum assault. Second, it shows that you're serious about your music and that your passion goes beyond mere showboating and flashy gimmicks. You can't fake rock n' roll attitude, and a permanent marker custom bass head says that you got plenty of it!
  2. Use spray paint and a stencil. If your fine art skills are a little less developed, a spray paint stencil design will work just as well to customize your bass drum head. Stencils can be made from a variety of substances, such as handmade cardboard cutouts or professionally pressed plastic moulds. Be sure not to use too much paint or forget to attach your stencil securely, otherwise your custom job will come out looking like a custom blob! The spray paint custom bass drum head is the perfect way to add attitude to your kick drum with a minimal amount of effort.
  3. Screen print your design. If you're looking for the most professional custom bass drum design possible, you're definitely going to want to screen print it. Screen printing starter packs are available and are carried in most art stores. Once you learn the simple procedures required to set your screen up, the possibilities for adding professional looking custom designs to your bass drum are nearly endless. Most importantly, once you get the process down it will take about two seconds flat to turn a drab looking out-of-the-box bass drum head into a custom work of art.

Try these ideas out on your bass drum head and you'll take your band from amateur status to full blown rock stardom! And hey, even if the whole music gig doesn't work out, you'll be on your way to entering the lucrative industry of bass drum head customization. It's always wise to have a back up plan, isn't it?

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