How To Make Cut Off Shorts For Men

Need to know how to make cut off shorts for men? Cut off shorts for men are easy to make if you have a pair of pants and a few tools.  The basic principle of making cut offs is 'cutting off'' the excess material to make shorts.  If you have ever tried to make cut off shorts without following a few basic instructions you know what a disaster it can be. You can make cut off shorts from any type of cotton or jean material pants. If your pants are a Lycra or polyester blend they will need to be hemmed with a sewing machine or by hand. Cut off shorts can also be rolled up.

To make Cut Off shorts, you will need:

  • Pants
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Straight pins
  • Mirror
  • Flat surface to work on
  • Paper
  • Sewing machine, if you want to hem your cut off shorts
  • Needle, thread to match pants

Make cut off shorts by following these steps:

  1. First, try on the pants.   Stand in front of a mirror and decide what length you want shorts.
  2. Place a pin, horizontally; in the middle of pant leg at the level you want your shorts. Leave one inch extra if you wish to hem your shorts or leave three inches if you want to roll up your shorts and then take the pants off.
  3. Place pants on a flat work surface.
  4. Make a mark at the pin with the pen. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper. Don’t forget to leave extra room if you are hemming or rolling up your shorts. Simply add one to three inches to your original measurement.
  5. Use measuring tape or ruler measure the inside leg seam from the bottom of pants up to the measurement you marked on paper. Make a mark with your pen at the correct measurement. Do the same measurement/mark on the outside pant leg seam.
  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 on the other pant leg.
  7. Align ruler horizontally along pen marks and draw a line connecting the pen marks on each pant leg.
  8. Get out your straight pins and place 4-5 pins, horizontally, above the pen line on each pant leg. Make sure pins go through both top and bottom layer of material.
  9. Once both pant legs are measured and pinned, cut along the pen line from outer seam to inner seam. Cut slowly so the material does not bunch up. You can wear your cut off shorts as they are and allow them to fray at the edges or you can hem or roll up the edges. To hem your pants, keep reading.

 Follow these steps if you wish to hem your shorts: 

  1. Turn on and thread sewing machine with matching color thread.
  2. Turn cut off shorts inside out.
  3. Fold back the bottom edge of one pant leg ½ inch and pin in place.
  4. Continue folding and pinning every two to three inches until entire pant leg is pinned.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other pant leg.
  6. When you are finished pinning, proceed to sewing machine and slowly stitch one leg, removing pins as you stitch.
  7. Repeat on other pant leg.
  8. When finished sewing use scissors to cut remaining thread edges.
  9. Turn cut off shorts right side out.

 Wear and enjoy.

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