How To Make A Daft Punk Jacket

Need to know how to make a Daft Punk jacket? Making yourself a Daft Punk jacket will make you the envy of all your friends. Daft Punk is a electronic musical sensation sweeping America. The punk pair is from France. Their music is enjoyed by the hip and trendy. You can show your support for the super group by making your very own Daft Punk jacket. It is easy as can be!

To make your own Daft Punk jacket, you will need:

  • A jacket
  • Adhesive rhinestones
  • A rhinestone applicator or iron
  • A printer
  • Paper
  • Tape
  1. Purchase a jacket. You can use a faux leather or denim jacket and transform it into your Daft Punk jacket. Any color and size will work. The coolest Daft Punk jackets are those that have a unique flair. Make the jacket your own by distressing the leather or denim.
  2. Print the Daft Punk logo. You can find the Daft Punk logo all over the web. It is nothing fancy. The logo is the name "Daft Punk" in cursive writing. You may need to enlarge the logo to fit on the back of the jacket. Trim around the logo, just enough to be able to properly position the paper onto the jacket.
  3. Lay the jacket on a flat surface, with the back of the jacket facing up. You are going to tape down the logo. Using a dull pencil, poke small holes to outline the logo writing. You are going to trace the logo using rhinestones. To be able to place the rhinestones, you need the Daft Punk logo outline.
  4. If you are using an applicator, heat the tool for several minutes. Lay your rhinestones flat. Select any size you like. Use the tool to pick up and heat each rhinestone. Apply firmly through the pencil hole you created.
  5. If you are using an iron, heat the iron. Arrange the rhinestones following the pattern. Once the iron is hot, place it on the design. Allow to sit for about ten seconds. Do not move the iron. Once the rhinestones are applied, remove the paper pattern from the jacket.
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