How To Make Decorations For Felt Food Cakes

Need to know how to make decorations for felt food cakes? It's possible to dress up mundane toy food with some fancy accessories. Felt food toys make any child's play kitchen complete. The variety of felt food that can be made is endless. A simple felt food cake made with felt sides and a top or the icing from an old chenille bedspread is pretty on its own, but add decorations for felt food cakes and the kids can play bakery and get really creative.

To make decorations for felt food cakes, you will need:

  • Different colors of felt
  • A needle and thread
  • Straight pins
  • Beads
  • Buttons
  • Rick rack
  • Trim
  • Ruffles
  • Paper, pencil and scissors
  1. Decide on the decorations you will make. Flowers are easy cake decorations. Consider the size of the felt food cake when thinking about the decorations to make. Look at bridal books and cookbooks for ideas of what decorations to create for your felt food items.
  2. Make patterns. Sketch out some basic flowers or other designs so you can make patterns. Cut out the patterns.
  3. Cut out the decorations. Lay the patterns on top of the felt and pin down the pattern. Cut out the patterns.
  4. Make a skirt for the cake. With the felt food cake in hand, trace a skirt for under the cake. Make it larger than the cake by an inch or two. Scallop the edges. This skirt can sit on a larger plate and give the cake a nice fancy foundation.
  5. Sew on details. For flowers, add in some details to resemble shading or veins by sewing a topstitch onto the felt food decoration pieces. For leaves, use a contrasting color thread to make veins and stems stand out. Spell out the child's name by making letters and stitch around the edge of the letters to give the decorations more flair. Top stitch around the edges of the cake skirt.
  6. Add embellishments. Add beads or buttons to the decorations. Trim them in ruffles or rick rack. Dress up the decorations to make them one of your child's favorite new toys.
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