How To Make A Derby Car

How to build a derby car is something that a lot of kids have asked growing up. It isn’t really hard but it involves many tools that require adult supervision. All steps require adult supervision in this article on how to make a derby car.

Things you will need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Paint
  • Derby car kit
  • Dremel and bits
  1. Cut the car’s shape out with the jigsaw. Smooth out any really rough edges. Sand off jagged pieces as well.
  2. Sand down the body’s shape. This is fine sanding to provide space for detailing and paint. This is not rough sanding like you did in the first step. This sanding should be fairly time consuming and leave you with a very smooth surface you can paint on.
  3. Attach the lead and weights. Then attach the wheels into these slots. Make sure they are straight and don’t rub the chassis.
  4. Nail the wheels on. This adds the wheels into their pre-positioned areas and attaches them to the rotating shaft. Test the wheels. Make sure they can move forwards and backwards and stay clear of the body.
  5. Use your dremel to make sure the burn or cut the wood to detail your car. You can use the dremel to do detail work anywhere on your vehicle. This work is all to your own taste.
  6. Paint and customize your car. Most people don’t want a 100% factory car, so you can add racing stripes or any other form of customized detailing you want.  This is the final step in how to make a derby car.

You should be able to put together these parts and customize it fairly quickly. A derby car is a fun project that the whole family can enjoy. You should have enjoyed learning how to make a derby car.



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