How To Make A Digital TV Antenna

Ever wonder how to make a digital TV antenna? If the TV service provider is becoming a bit too expensive to pay each month, you can resort to paying for a digital TV converter box. Sometimes the antenna provided can become unreliable. If you're trying to save money in this recession, you can cheaply make a digital TV antenna with household items that you all ready have.

The items you will need:

  • Cable wire
  • Empty coffee can
  • Hammer
  • Duct tape or electric tape
  • Three inch nail
  1. Take the three inch nail and place it between the middle and bottom part of the empty coffee can. If you're confused, place the nail near the bottom of the coffee can.
  2. Take the hammer and pierce the coffee can with the nail. The nail should go three quarters inside of the coffee can. Do not let the entire nail go through the coffee can.
  3. Cut one of the ends of the cable wire. Wrap the end of the exposed wire around the outside part of the three inch nail. Make sure the wires are not loose around the nail.
  4. Secure the end of the exposed cable wires by fully piercing the nail as far as it can go. Use the hammer to lock it into place. Cover any parts of the exposed wires with either duct tape or electrical tape.
  5. You've now created a digital TV antenna. See if it works! Plug your digital TV antenna to digital converter box. Take the end of the cable wire (the one with the plug in place) and screw it in the back of the converter box. You now should be able to see basic television as clear as possible with the cheaply made digital antenna. 
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