How To Make Dirt Bike Jumps

Learning how to make dirt bike jumps is not too hard. Using only a few materials, a nice, reliable jump for any dirt bike may be constructed with ease. Following is some advice on how to make dirt bike jumps.


  • Shovel
  • Plywood sheet
  • Saw
  • Dirt tamper
  • Wheel barrow
  1. First, select a location for your jump. If you have a track or trail on which you often bike, consider building one on it.
  2. Next, load up a wheel barrow with dirt from another location (dig somewhere that can spare some dirt), and bring it to the spot of the jump, and dump it. Continue bringing loads of dirt to the area where you will build the jump, until you have enough to make the jump, sized to your specifications.
  3. Then, begin to shape the mound of dirt into a ramp, that has a flat, upward slanted top. Tamp it with the shovel, until it is firm and you can walk on it and stomp on it without crumbling the jump. When the dirt is packed like this, it will compress, and the jump may be smaller than you intended. If you want a bigger jump, shovel some more dirt into the wheel barrow and bring it to the jump spot. Tamp it all over with the shovel, and then use a powered dirt tamper to make it very firm.
  4. Cut the plywood sheet to the shape of the top of the ramp, and lay is over the tamped, sloped dirt bike jump. Then, get three or four more loads of dirt, dump them over the plywood, and re-tamp the jump. The plywood will keep the shape, evenly distributing the pressure of you and the bike onto the lower parts of the jump, which will remain firm as you ride it.
  5. Repeat this process for additional jumps.

Learning how to make dirt bike jumps is not too hard. Only a couple of supplies, and some of your time are needed to take on the project, which can create great fun for dirt bikers upon its completion.

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