How To Make A Dirt Bike Street Legal

Learn how to make a dirt bike street legal. Although dirt bikes are primarily used for off-road riding, you can make your dirt bike street legal and travel from place to place, just like a normal cruiser bike. Although each state has different regulations that you should check with first, follow these steps for the most common upgrades you need to perform to make your dirt bike street legal.

To make a dirt bike street legal, you will need:

  • Dirt bike
  • Dual sport kit
  • Zip ties
  • Dirt bike registration information
  1. Purchase a dual sport kit to fit your specific dirt bike. A dual sport kit includes an operational headlight, rear light (including brake light), turn signals and all necessary wiring harnesses.
  2. Install the LED taillight on your dirt bike. Drill holes into your rear fender and install the mounting bracket.
  3. Attach the rear turn signal lights to the rear fender. Drill holes in the fender and bolt them to each side.
  4. Connect the rear LED light to the brake line. Disconnect the brake line at the master cylinder and add the hydraulic switch included with your dual sport kit.
  5. Install the turn signal switches around your left handlebar. Clamp the switch down by tightening the screws. Do not over tighten the unit or you will break it.
  6. Connect the middle and rear wiring harness connections to the electrical connections on the motorcycle. Secure these to the frame of the dirt bike.
  7. Run the wiring from the turn signal along the handlebars and connect it to the wiring harnesses. Use zip ties to secure the wiring to the handlebars.
  8. Connect the front headlight to the handlebar fork tube. Tighten the screws to clamp it down. Connect the wiring to the middle wiring harness.
  9. Start the motorcycle and test each of the turn signals, brake light and the headlight.
  10. Register your dirt bike locally at the DMV. Attach the tag in a visible location on the rear of the bike frame. Ask the agent at the DMV to ensure that you bike meets your state's street legal requirements.

Tip: Wear a helmet and proper riding attire when riding your dirt bike on the street. Always observe proper safety precautions when riding a motorcycle.

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