How To Make A Dirt Bike

Make your own dirt bike and show it off to the gang. A dirt bike is a great possession to show off and can be quite exciting to ride. The thrill of zipping past your friends and competing to see who can make the highest jump off a homemade dirt ramp is definitely unmatched. Professional dirt bike riders are known to make up spectacular tricks to perform on their bikes and simply leave the spectators awestruck, no matter what their age. If this is one thing that really excites you, then you must definitely take up project to build your own dirt bike. Once your bike is ready, simply join the action and dazzle your friends. Here is how you can go about it.

Things you'll need to make a dirt bike:

  • Dirt bike
  • Cleaning supplies, cloth, cleaning agent and so on
  • Tools, screwdrivers, spanner, pliers and so on
  • Motor oil
  • Paint
  • Replacement parts
  • Sandpaper
  1. Visit your local junkyard or check an auto auction to find an old dirt bike to modify. Check for a frame which is still intact and in good shape. Make sure you choose a bike that hasn’t rusted. It is best to try and get a bike that has no rust, however a bike with little rust will also work.
  2. Drain off the engine to remove any traces of oil or any other fluids. Dismantle the entire engine and clean up every individual part using cleaning agents. Make sure to remove all the grime accumulated on the parts.
  3. Remove the old coats of paint from the body of dirt bike using a paint remover. Using sandpaper sand off any slight rust from the body of the dirt bike, look for rust under the old coat of paint as well.
  4. Coat the frame of the dirt bike in primer. Apply paint to give that stylish look, choose a color that is attractive. Painting the frame may be frustrating as well as difficult as it requires you to spray the paint from different angles to ensure that every area gets coated in paint.
  5. Reassemble the engine by putting the dried and cleaned parts back together. You may take help from someone who has experience in rebuilding a dirt bike engine. This will avoid any complications, including breakage.
  6. Remove the old suspension and replace with new shocks. Do not use the old shocks as they tend to get worn off with time and may cause an accident.
  7. Buy and replace the old rims and wheels. You may have to purchase brand new tires as well. Make sure the tires are filled with air before you start using your bike.
  8. Check the entire bike for loose parts. Ride the dirt bike to test its functioning and make sure that everything is as desired. Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as a helmet, especially while testing a modified homemade dirt bike.

Tips: Wear a mask to protect yourself from any fumes given out by cleaning products.

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