How To Make Discover Card Complaints

Are you wondering how to make Discover card complaints? If your Discover card complaint is over an incorrect charge or some other company issue, start at the bottom and work your way up. If the problem is not resolved within the company, you can contact outside sources to assist you in dealing with the complaint.

When going to Discover with your complaint, directly:

  1. Contact Customer Service. Call the toll free number on the back of your card and explain the problem to them. They may be able to resolve the issue or they will send you a complaint form if they have one. They may advise you to write a letter addressed to a specific address.
  2. Fill out a complaint form or write a letter. If you have to send a letter, list the date and transaction number of the item in question at top of the letter, as well as what your issue is. Send all correspondence via certified mail to verify the complaint has been received.
  3. Ongoing charges. You are entitled to cancel a card (account) and reopen a new account if a company keeps charging your card though you told them you do not want their items sent to you any longer or have asked that this charge be challenged. Ask Discover card if there will be a charge or negative notation on your credit rating before doing this.

When filing a Discover card complaint to outside sources:

  1. Contact your state Attorney Generals office. The phone and fax numbers, as well as the address, will be listed on your state Attorney Generals office website. A reply can take between a week to a month.
  2. Contact the OCC. Use their on line form to file a complaint against Discover card or contact them via phone. They will pass a copy of the complain on to Discover to allow them to have a chance to work the issue with you.
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