How To Make A Documentary Film Using Windows Media Player

Those looking to learn how to make a documentary film using Windows Media Player must be warned; there are much easier ways to cut a documentary. Of course, there are the usual editing powerhouses like Final Cut and Avid, but even Windows Movie Maker or iMovie would be better suited to cut a documentary. However, there is a way to make a documentary using Windows Media Player and this article will tell you how.

Things you'll need:

  • Windows Media Player Trimmer plug-in by Solveig Multimedia
  1. You need footage. That all comes back to what you want your documentary to be about. If you're looking how to make a documentary film using Windows Media Player, you probably have a subject in mind and you probably have your footage. Be sure that you have a lot of footage though. An hour of raw documentary footage usually gets cut down to one minute of usable film.
  2. If you want to use still photographs and the so-called "Burns Effect", the free Microsoft application Photo Story is a convenient way to bring life to still photographs used in your documentary and add your own narration.
  3. After you load your footage, you are ready to make your documentary film using Windows Media Player. The trimmer plug-in is a very simple tool that uses in and out points to delete, move and replace pieces of footage in your video timeline. Editing is a long, arduous process and a mixture of both science and art. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of hard work to get the rhythm and feel of editing down. Your film is going to need a lot of fine tuning and rough cuts before you get to something you are happy with. Be warned, though, editing can make time fly.
  4. For the finishing touch of your documentary film using Windows Media Player, lay down your audio, whether it be music, narration or a combination of the two. The free program Audacity is a great way to record your voice and mix it with music into one long track that you can simply lay on top of the final cut of your film. Audacity is incredibly easy to use and is a great tool to have on your computer.

Once you insert your audio over your video using the Solveig program within Windows Media Player, your documentary is complete. It sounds pretty easy, but even using a simple program like Windows Movie Maker can bring all the functionality listed above into one program. However, if you use the software listed above, you should be able to successfully make a documentary film using Windows Media Player.

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