How To Make A Documentary In Powerpoint

For an easy-to-make video on a PC, learn how to make a documentary in PowerPoint. Making a documentary in PowerPoint is very similar to making a slide show, with the addition of video clips. The program allows you to start the documentary with some commentary and notes and to break up the movie into sections, if desired.

What you will need to do to make a documentary in PowerPoint:

  • Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, 2007, or 2010
  • Add video clips to the Videos Library on your computer
  • Break videos into parts if needed for the documentary
  1. To make a documentary in PowerPoint, you will first need to add all the movie clips that you want to your Videos Library. Break them into sections first if you want to insert notes between clips. If the video does not load, make sure that it is saved properly as a Windows Media Audio/Video file.
  2. For Microsoft 2007, you will simply need to go to the "Insert" tab, where you will find the "Media Clips" section to the far right. Click on the arrow below "Movie" and select "Movie from File." Double click on the desired clip to add it to a blank slide (choose "Yes" when it prompts about starting automatically), and insert more slides to add different clips. Push the "Preview" button in the top left corner to view the video.
  3. For Microsoft 2003, you will need to go to the "Insert" tab as well. This time, you will need to scroll down to "Movies and Sounds" and then select "Movie from File." Choose the movie that you want and click OK, then select "Yes" in response to the prompt about starting automatically.
  4. Once you have added slides, you can move them around as you wish. Simply grab the slide and drag it to the place where you want it. This allows you to easily customize the look of your video when you make a documentary in PowerPoint.
  5. You can also add slides to your presentation after you have added all of your clips. Simply right click between any two slides to add a new slide between them. You can add video clips, text, images, or sound to your documentary in Powerpoint to make it look more professional.
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