How To Make A Dog Bed Replacement Cover

When you have a puppy, being able to make a replacement dog bed cover can come in very handy. This handy little skill will save you lots of money through the life of your dog. If you don't sew, don't own a sewing machine, and don't know anyone who can be bribed into sewing for you, there are other ways to make a dog bed replacement cover.

To make a dog bed replacement cover, you will need:

  • Sturdy fabric, such as canvas or heavy denim
  • Household iron
  • Iron-on fusible tape
  • Hook and loop tape for the opening (If you want to be able to remove the cover for laundering.)
  • Chalk
  • Scissors
  • Optional: If you don't have an iron, you can make a dog bed cover using grommets. In that case, you need grommets, a grommet tool, and some rope. You won't need the hook and loop tape.
  1. Take the old cover off the dog bed. Fold the new fabric in half with the wrong side out and put the old cover on top of the new fabric. Mark the shape of the old cover on the new fabric with the piece of chalk. If your old cover is in shreds, you can use the dog pillow inside to make the pattern. Measure the height of the pillow and add half the height plus an inch to each side.
  2. Cut out the new fabric along the chalk line. Mark with chalk where you want the opening to be if you are using hook and loop tape to close it. Place the fusible bond along the edge between the two layers of fabric except for the area where you will put the opening. Using a hot iron, press the layers of fabric together with the fusible bond.
  3. Turn the casing inside out so that the face side is showing. On the non-fused edge, apply bonding tape and half of the hook and loop tape and press in place. Repeat this process on the other side with the other half of the tape. Put the cushion inside the new dog bed cover and press the hook and loop tape together.
  4. Grommet method: After you cut out the fabric, space the grommets equally around the bed. Working with the wrong side up, pound the grommets in to each half of the fabric. Turn the pieces right side out and place the dog bed between the layers. Knot a piece of rope long enough to go all the way around the bed. Put the free end of the rope through a grommet at one end and lace the halves of the dog bed cover together. Tie a knot on the end when you are finished lacing it all together. It will look neater and be less of a chew toy if you make sure the knots are both on one side of the bed, so they can be on the floor side.
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