How To Make Dog Bows

If you have a fluffy dog, whether big or small, you may have wondered at times how to make dog bows. Groomers like to charge more than one would consider the dog bows cost to make, so this can be a money-saving skill to have. Not to mention, dogs with bows are cute and cute dogs attract attention, especially from women, so guys should re-think any reservations they may have with regard to putting dogs bows on their dogs.

To make dog bows you will need:

  • ribbon
  • needle and thread
  • scissors
  • small rubber bands
  • decorative buttons
  1. Begin by assessing the size of the dog bows needed. If the dog is small, you will obviously want thin ribbon and small bows so they dog can comfortably wear them.  For a small dog bow, cut strip of ribbon about five inches long.
  2. Fold the ribbon in half, and make a light crease. Then fold each half in half and make a light crease. The creases allow you to see where to line up the ribbon to form the dog bows.
  3. The ribbon should now have three light creases on it dividing it into four equal sections. Line up the creases on the two side-sections with the center crease, forming the dog bow shape.
  4. Choose a button that is appropriate for the dog bow size. Carefully stitch the button in place, while also securing the ribbon into a bow shape. Do not cut the thread yet.
  5. With the needle and thread still intact and connected to the dog bow, attach a rubber band to the back side by looping the thread through the center of the rubber band, stitching through the ribbon and pulling snug.
  6. Knot the thread, and cut. Leave about one to two millimeters so the knot does not come undone.



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