How To Make A Dog Collar

Want to know how to make a dog collar? Make a dog collar so your pooch can be in style. Dogs need collars so you have a place to hang their dog tags, to snap a leash onto, and to add some pizzazz to their overall look. Dog collars are functional and fun. When you learn to make your own dog collar, you'll be able to make a new dog collar for any occasion. Dress up your hound for all the holidays and parties with a dog collar befitting the mood.

To make a dog collar, you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Nylon web material
  • Snapping buckle
  • D-shaped metal loop/ring
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread, scissors
  1. Measure your dog's neck. Use a cloth tape measure and measure your dog's neck to find out the size you'll need to make the dog collar. Add 8 inches to the length. For example, if your dog's neck measures 12 inches, add 8 inches for a total of 20 inches of nylon.
  2. Cut the nylon. Cut the correct length of nylon web material.
  3. Add one end of the buckle. Take the snapping buckle, like is used on backpacks, apart so you have two pieces. Thread one end of the buckle through one end of the nylon. Overlap the nylon and sew the flap down ensuring you sew several times across the two overlapping pieces so it will stay.
  4. Add the other end of the buckle and the "D" ring. Add the other end of the buckle to the other end of the nylon. Adjust the overlapping portion so the dog collars ends up being the right length for your dog's neck. Sew this end down close to the buckle. Add the "D"-shaped metal loop/ring to the flap of material close to where you sewed the buckle. Sew the overlapping nylon beneath where the "D"-shaped ring is to secure it in place. The "D" ring gives you somewhere to attach the leash to the dog collar.

Tip:  Add a decorative ribbon to the length of nylon before adding the buckle and "D" ring by top stitching it in place.

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