How To Make A Dog Harness

In Polar Regions it is necessary to learn How to Make a Dog Harness. Dogs usually pull the sleds. It is necessary to use a harness only for pulling purposes, as the animal should know what is expected of it.

To make a dog harness, you will need:

  1. Nylon or Cotton Rope
  2. Polyester or Fishing Thread
  3. Big Eyed Needle
  4. Nylon or Cotton Tape (Strap)
  5. Polyester Fleece
  6. Snap Shut Hook

Step 1: Making a Drawing of the Dog Harness

Before making a harness, it is most important to understand the layout structure. A dog harness should be made in a way that it is not only effective but also comfortable for the dog. Uncomfortable points means the spot gets rubbed harder against the animal’s body and thus proves to be less durable. A dog harness typically forms a “Y” shape structure across the dog’s neck. The two straps from under the front legs join at the top of the tail. From side view, the dog harness structure appears as a teardrop, pointed end joining at the tail. The necessary sewing is needed, to join the two straps at the back and between the front legs.

Step 2: Cutting Material For Dog Harness

Cotton or polyester strapping is placed on the dog's tail and passed from the respective shoulder, through the front legs and back to the tail. This makes one piece. This length is cut and another piece is measured and cut according to the first one. From the tail to the dog owner a length of rope is also cut. It is recommended that the rope length should be more than required for variable access control.

Step 3: Sewing the Pieces

  • The two tape pieces are folded in half and almost one third of tape length, from middle of the piece is padded with polyester fleece. The shoulders get most of the pressure so this will ensure dog comfort. The padding is done by sewing polyester fleece in place.
  • The two pieces are folded in two and the ends of the tape are sewn firm together. This gives a divided heart shaped structure.
  • Measure the dog’s back and sew together a straight piece of the two straps according to the measurement taken.
  • Measure distance from the base of neck to the point where tapes separate from in between front legs to the tail. This length is sewn from neck base, to leg.
  • Finally the sewn ends of the tapes are attached with Snap shut hook and sewn back to hold the steering rope.

Step 4: Knotting Together Rope with the Hook of Dog Harness

The cut length of rope is knotted with the hook and the dog harness is complete.

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