How To Make A Dog House Bed

Are you wondering how to make a dog house bed? If your dog already loves its dog house, a bed should be added for them to enjoy comfort on sunny, or inclement, days. If your dog's house already has a bottom, you will not need to use a plastic material or tarp on the bottom of the bed for waterproofing.

  1. Purchase foam to create a dog house bed. Measure your dog from its head to the tip of the tail. Add two inches. Measure your dog's widest body part (usually shoulder blades) and add two inches. Make sure these bed measurements will fit in the dog's house. Purchase a dense thick foam for the bottom portion of the dog's bed. For sides, add three to four inches of additional foam to place around the base foam.
  2. Attach foam sides to create the base of a dog house bed. Fabric glue can be used to attach the foam sides to the foam base.
  3. Find enough fabric to cover the foam base. New or recycled fabric can be used to cover the foam base of the dog house bed. An old comforter or blanket that is in good condition is great fabric to use to make a dog house bed. This will also have family members' scents already on it making it feel familiar.
  4. Sew the cover. Use a machine or hand sew the fabric over the foam to create a dog house bed. How you choose to sew the fabric is a matter of convenience and preference.
  5. Place the dog house bed in the dog's house. If the bed will use the major part of the floor plan, make sure to place the bed firmly on the ground of the dog house. Be sure all kinks and rolled up ends are flattened out.
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