How To Make A Dog Poop Calendar

Ever wanted to know how to make a dog poop calendar? Sure you do. Everyone wants to know! When you look at that big pile of steaming dog doo that your mastiff just laid, you can’t help but feel proud. If all you want to do is properly celebrate your animal’s droppings then the obvious choice is monthly in a dog poop calendar.

This what you will need to make your calendar:

  • A camera
  • A good subject (dog poop)
  • A dog to make the poop
  • A company to make your calendar, almost any big name
  • Photos of dog poop (if you already have them)
  1. First off, you need to focus on your subject for your dog poop calendar. You can look for different dog poop pictures online. Try to look for pictures that interest you. Look for pictures of dog poop in different places to make your calendar interesting.
  2. Look for places around the world to make your dog poop calendar really stand out. Search for dog poop piles on the White House lawn or on Russia’s Red Square. Well known places will make your calendar more likeable to people you give it to or might sell it to.
  3. To make your calendar seem more like a quality purchase, show the dogs that made the poop. Make sure to get a picture with the dog and the poop together to limit confusion. Search for pictures with the dog sitting in front of their masterpiece or one that shows the dog making it.
  4. Another way to make a dog poop calendar is take the pictures yourself! Shoot pictures on any regular camera. No fast shudders are needed here! Make sure that you have enough light to see the dog poop in your picture. Make sure that your subject is in the middle of your frame. If you want to show another subject in the picture like a building or an animal be sure to space them evenly out and encompass the entire two subjects. Don’t cutoff off one of the two subjects to get a better picture of the other.
  5. Now that you have taken your pictures it is time to search for a theme and the best pictures. The theme can be: big dog poops, Christmas setting dog poops, or even dog poops and their owners. Your theme could be dictated by the pictures that you took. If you went online to search for your dog poop pictures it will give you more freedom to pick a theme that you want.
  6. Your pick for the best pictures should reinforce your theme. There shouldn’t be anything that you don’t like about the picture that you chose. The subjects in the pictures that you choose should demand attention to your calendar’s theme.

Take your photos to any major store outlet that prints digital photos. The store should have a calendar option for your photos. Simply give your selected photos and they will print them out on the calendar layout of your choosing. Making a dog poop calendar should be very humorous every step of the way. The point of the calendar is to make the person receiving it split their sides in absolute laughter.

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